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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of a field of purple and pink flowers under a blue sky.

Fields of stories

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While painting this piece at the Raffles Hotel during my residency, I was talking with a nice family from India. “What’s your name?” I asked the boy. (A very long Indian name that I could not pronounce)
Me: “And how old are you?”
Boy: “Oh, I’m 8.”
Me: “And where are you from?”
Boy: “India. Where are you from?”
Me: “Oh, I’m from Canada. Have you been there?”
Boy: shakes his head, 'no.'

Me: “What grade are you in?”
Boy: “3rd grade.”
Me: “Do you like to paint?”
Boy: “Oh yes. I like to paint. Mostly at school though. Rarely at home. We don’t have an apron though.”
I talked with the mom & Dad a bit & learned they only have one child as well. We joked about how having one was all we could handle. After a few minutes we said our goodbyes & then I asked the boy, “How do you say your name again?” Then he repeated the long name. I asked him, “Hmm, what do your friends call you at school?”
He smiled big & said quite loudly, “Hudi!”
Me: “Oh I can say that! Hudi! I like that a lot. Do you pound it at school?” And I gave him my fist to punch back 🤜 He punched my fist & smiled so big with his eyes that could light up the sky. “Bye Hudi! See you tomorrow.”
Hudi: “See you tomorrow.”

Acrylics on canvas 

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist 

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