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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of a fall forest with a pathway.

Going back to your roots

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When my brother & I moved out, my Dad converted our old bedrooms into an art studio for my Mom. She’s always inspired me to follow my heart & do what I love. My folks have always supported me in my artistic dreams. Whether it was being a singer, a pianist, a dancer or a painter they came to all my performances & were my most loyal fans. I wouldn’t say I chose art at the beginning. I think art chose me. Art in every form of the word. Singing, dancing & writing music have all integrated their expressions through my art & I am so thankful for parents who gave me all of those opportunities. This painting reminds me of my backyard where I grew up. It felt like an endless wonderland and a place to explore and discover. There were no iPads, or smart phones back in those days, and our tv watching was limited. I think my folks did a good job instilling imaginative play and exploration which provided a solid foundation for honing creativity. 

Acrylics on canvas

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