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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of a filed of red and white and other colourful flowers under a blue sky.

I will make you a believer

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I saw them earlier & wondered if they might be a band. I walked by to wash out my brushes & the man in the corner motioned to me how he liked my painting & gave me a wave & a 👌. I walked over to them & introduced myself. “What brings you to Edmonton!”
Them: “Well, we’re a band.”
Me: “I sensed that you were musicians! I’m sorry, but who are you?”
Them: laughs...”We’re The Cult!”
Me: “Oh awesome! Yes, I’ve heard of you!” Me: (scanning my brain to think of one of their songs but my mind goes blank.)
Them: “I’m John, I’m the drummer. Please, sit down with us!” (Introduces me to everyone else, more band members, sound techs etc)
Me: “So, where are you playing?”
John: “At a private gig at Union Hall tomorrow night. Please come see us play. I’ll put you on the guest list. You & a plus one. We’d love to have you!”
Me: “What? That would be amazing! I’d love to come!”
John: “How long have you been painting here? This is a sweet gig for you! You’re an amazing artist.”
At this point I’m still wondering what I’m doing sitting there with this famous rock band & am processing that they just invited me to come be their guest at their show. I don’t even remember what else we talked about. I got back to painting & John came over to chat with me while I continued painting. 
John: “This is really fantastic what you’re doing here.”
Me: “I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!”
A few more minutes of friendly chatter...
The next night my hubby & I changed outfits 3 times, (it’s been awhile since we’ve been to a rock show.) Sure enough we were on the guest list & were given access to the VIP lounge upstairs. The show was amazing! Afterwards, I saw Matt, the Cult’s sound tech & thanked him for the show. That night I had a message from John the drummer on my insta asking if we were able to make it to the show. I replied how much we enjoyed ourselves & sent him this selfie. He said it was really nice meeting you. It was a magical night full of excitement. When I told my Mom this story I said, “Mom! ...& then I got a picture with them!” And she said, “Giselle, THEY got a picture with YOU!” .

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist