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Light hearted F723616-826

Light hearted

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When we are light hearted, we are less stressed, happier, more fulfilled, nicer to people, & can go with the flow. 
I was asked to appear on Dinner Television & paint for the Edmonton Oilers wives while they had a meal made for them by a local celebrity chef. Of course, the idea of live painting a piece in 2 hours on TV made me feel sick t my stomach, but I did it to get over the fear. The VIP room was buzzing when the producers told me to go in and meet the ladies. I was so nervous, but they were so friendly to me as I entered the room earring my painting apron. It gave them something to talk about & a reason to talk to me. As we were preparing to go live, my easel literally fell apart in pieces & crashed to the floor 2 minutes before air time! Immediately I was swarmed by producers & cameramen helping me try & figure out how to put my easel back together before my segment started. I was shaking, dripping sweat, swearing & laughing all at the same time. My easel had never just fallen apart! Why NOW minutes before going on live TV?? After it was all over we all laughed about it & had a great time. This was a good lesson for me to be light hearted even in times of stress! 

Acrylics on canvas

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