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Love is in the air F482415-532

Love is in the air

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During my residency in Dubai, I painted for an  Influencers luncheon. There were bloggers, designers, advertisers, artists & many other interesting people.  On our way back to our room in the elevator a beautiful young woman who looked like a model was really enamoured by Quinn. She smiled at him the whole ride up & then walked right up to him & asked his name. She cradled his chin, then leaned in to kiss his cheek as she hugged his neck. The whole time Quinn was stiff as a board but smiling. “I love you. You’re beautiful!”, she said. Then she leaned in to kiss my cheek & hug my neck too. She smiled & got out on her floor & then she was gone. I wanted to talk to her more! Who was this woman who expresses her heart like that to complete strangers?! Quinn said later he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do when she was doing that. I couldn’t stop laughing. 
Me: “Quinn! You got your first kiss from a lady in Dubai!”
Him: “Mom! I was wondering if you were going to save me! What was she doing?”
Me: “She just thought you were cute & she couldn’t help herself. I know the feeling. She was just being nice Honey.”
Him: “Well, I wasn’t too into that.”
Me: “Haha! I know Honey. But it was cool. She was cool. I liked how she felt drawn to you & I & let us know it. I thought it was a beautiful moment.”

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist

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