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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of colourful mountains a lake and wildflowers.

Love will change the world

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Sometimes it’s so busy & so many people are talking to me while I’m painting it's hard to finish my painting! But the reason I paint live is to meet & connect with people. This is Hadra & she invited me to sit down with her for afternoon tea. There were piles and piles of food. We talked about prayer, clothes, motherhood & religion. In Dubai, it is very common for people to ask me to sit & eat & drink with them. The people are so generous & friendly. Another man from France spoke with me awhile. His English was limited & my French is limited so we spent some time trying to communicate using google translate. It was a funny conversation. An art collector showed interest in my work & another lady said she felt something different today when she saw my work. A journalist snap chatted with me & said he feels my passion in my work & he asked me many questions. I am overwhelmed & very happy with how responsive people are to my work in Dubai. 

 Acrylics on canvas, mountains, lake, wildflowers

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist

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