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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of white flowers on a pink background with touches of blue

Melodic dreams

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This piece was painted on a hot summer’s night on the patio at the Hotel...
No one else has your voice. Nobody else thinks & expresses ideas the way you do. You have a voice that someone needs to hear so learn how to express the voice only you have. Part of my story is that I grew up in an artists’ home. My mother, Cheri Denis is a painter. I didn’t know then the impact her creativity would have on my life. I’ve always been a painter, but I also have a love for music. At a young age my folks discovered I could play music by ear. They bought me a small keyboard & I began writing songs. When I was 14 they bought me a piano. In college, I studied music & for awhile I thought music might be what I would do full time. After college, I was doing my music performing around the city. But I missed painting so I kept up with that too & would participate in art shows as much as I could. After I got married I decided to pursue art more full time. It’s very cool though how my musical background infused into my art as many have described my work as “musical”, “with great movement” & “like its dancing or singing”. So this painting is a tribute to my musical background as I pull out my keyboard now & then and belt out a few tunes in between painting sessions. My art has become my voice.

Acrylics on birch

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