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Mountain of surprises

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One of the things I love most about being an artist is the excitement of everyday, not knowing who I will meet next, where I will go in world with my work, what kind of email or phone call I will receive, and who will end up collecting my work. While I was painting on the patio of the hotel, a nice man kept coming by to look at my art & watch me painting. We talked about art for quite awhile & how it makes us feel. He told me he was a painter too & we shared the mutual feelings of how the hours go by while painting & it feels like only minutes. We talked about how art transports you into another world where you don't feel pain, your cares seem to float away & you can enjoy just living & breathing in a place of creative freedom. Then I asked him what brought him to the hotel that day & he told me he was a musician, a drummer actually. I told him my son was a drummer too & that I sing & play piano too. I asked him where he was playing & he said Rogers Place. I said, 'Oh wow! Who do you play with?' He said, 'Def Leppard'. Man was he ever kind, humble & easy to talk to. I made a new famous friend & that was a pretty cool day. I have the best job ever.


Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist