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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of sunflowers under a blue sky.

One of a kind

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"You're one of a kind”, He says this to me often. He says “it’s important the work you are doing here at the hotel." He tells me how important it is that I am there at the hotel being a light. I see him nearly every week here at the Hotel. He talks to me about the old days and what Edmonton used to look like when he was a child, in the 1930’s and 40’s. He brought pictures once to show me how the streets were still dirt. He describes an old painting he collected years ago that got damaged and needs repair. He describers the painting to me, a landscape with bullrushes and a body of water and some trees in the distance. I like talking to him. I like that he waves to me when he walks in the room. In any other world or circumstance, we would probably not have become his friends. We come here for different reasons, but also the same reasons. We want connection to another human being. And we give that to each other. I see him talking to other people. Making friends every single week. I think he’s one of a kind too. 

Acrylics on canvas

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