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Season of joy

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 I was running a small art gallery in 2006. I had the gallery space for 2 years and ran it with my Mom, Cheri, who is also an artist. I had started working there to run the space for the man who owned a business upstairs in the building, but wanted a fine art gallery. After about 6 months, he offered me the space to take it over. I was thrilled! One day, a lady strolled in whom my Mom recognized right away. A local celebrity, J’lyn Nye. She fell in love with one of my poppy paintings. A week later I got to meet her at the gallery for a special visit and we became instant friends. She also became one of my first big collectors. She has over 25 of my paintings in her collection now. She has always been so kind to me, and brings me new customers. She talks about me on the radio. She’s one of those people who has always believed in me. When you have people in your life like that, you eventually start believing in yourself too. Running that gallery space was a season of joy and learning for me. I am so glad we had that space together, my Mom and I. We met so many wonderful people who have become life long friends and valued customers.


Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist