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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of pink flowers with colourful foliage with a dripping effect on a white background.

Spread your joy

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One of my friends I came to know through painting has a business model to 'spread joy'. How cool is that? We met at a Christmas party and immediately became friends. I asked her right away, "Are you Jaqueline Jacek I've heard so much about?' She smiled big, "Why yes!?" We spent the rest of the night talking about our businesses and our sons who were close to the same age and we've been friends ever since. A few months rolled by and she asked me if I would collaborate with her for Mother's Day and paint over 2000 chocolates by hand. At first I said, "Oh boy! I've never painted chocolates before! But that sounds like fun!" Mother's Day was a hit and they sold out of the chocolates. I gave my Mom a box and a few weeks later I saw them in her cupboard. "Mom! You're supposed to eat these right away! They taste the best when they are fresh!" She said, "But they are too pretty to eat." So I made her eat them and just keep buying her more. Seriously though, if you've never had Jacek Chocolates before, give them a try! They are divine. I love that Jaqueline started her business in her basement too and has just grown and grown into a force that is unstoppable. She is an inspiration to me and I love her dearly. 

Acrylics on canvas

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