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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of colourful mountains with a lake and wildflowers.

The beauty of the unknown

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She came up beside in me a giant chaotic line up to catch the ferry to head back to Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco. I had just rode my bike for 2 hours to get across the Gold Gate Bridge and then down into Sausalito. She said, “Is this the line to get ferry tickets?” I said, “I’m not sure. I'm just in line to catch the ferry. I already have my ferry tickets that I got from where I rented my bike.” 
“Oh smart”, she said. “I really hope my friend can get us tickets.” 
“Stop cutting the line!” One man yelled. “The line’s back there!” A few others chimed in & were getting upset that there did’t seem to be a proper line anywhere for the ferry. I decided not to pay attention to them or the chaotic line & to just remain calm & chit chat to the friendly girl beside me. 
“So where are you from? Have you been to San Fran before?” Turns out she was a med student, an anesthesiologist. She was friendly as can be and made the wait in line seem quite fast. I somehow got ahead of her when it came time to boarding & so I found a seat at what I thought was the front of the ferry not he top deck. One minutes later my new friends showed up and said, “Hey! I’m sorry. We didn’t actually officially meet. I’m Avani. Would you like to come up and sit with my friends?” So I joined them on another level as we talked about where we were from and what we did. She showed me some of her own paintings & her view from her apartment on her phone. We started to follow each other on Instagram. It was about a 45 minute ride which was so enjoyable in the warm sun with my new friends. When it was time to hop off the ferry, we said our goodbyes & parted ways. How beautiful it is to make new friends that easily in this big crazy world. 

I had ventured out myself that morning as my poor hubby felt sick when he got up & had to spend the last day of our 4 days trip to SFO in bed. He said, “Why don’t you go out and do something?” What in the world was I going to do all by myself in a city unfamiliar to me? I quickly decided to take an Uber to the nearest bike rental shop & bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. I had no idea where to go but I figured it out and had this wonderful tiny little adventure all by myself and it was glorious. This was out of character for me to venture out on my own like that in a city I didn’t know. But I had a blast the whole time & maybe, I just might do something like that again some time. 

Acrylics on canvas

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