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Painting by Giselle Denis Canadian fine artist of abstracted white flowers with colourful foliage on a white background.

The way you make me feel

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I have been privileged to work alongside many different charities live painting for donation. One charity, Purple with a Purpose is an organization started in memory of their father’s passing of pancreatic cancer. They asked me paint for their event at the Alberta Art Gallery. That intimidated me right off the bat. I can’t paint there! It’s the AGA for goodness sakes. I’m not good enough to paint at the AGA! But my hubby & loved ones surrounded me & kept saying, “It’s not the place that makes it what it is. It’s the people & you are every bit as qualified as any other artist showing at the AGA.” Kim was one of those people who has believed in me the moment we met. She’s had a connection to my art from the first time she saw my work hanging in my friend’s hair salon whom I went to high school with. My friend Chantal, the owner of the salon, began showcasing my art & has been telling her clients all about me. Chantal also laughed when I told her how nervous I was to paint at the AGA. She said, “Just be you Giselle. So what if it’s the AGA! It’s the way you make people feel when you paint. That’s all that matters.” 

Acrylics on canvas

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