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Find your rhythm

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I was asked to live paint for donation for the YESS Organization’s gala fundraiser. They had given me my own stage to paint on while 300 guests watched & waited for me to start. The structure of the evening with the special speakers made it so that I had to wait to start my painting. While the speeches went on longer than I anticipated I began to feel pain inside knowing that they were going to live auction the painting at 9:30pm. Finally, the speeches ended & I looked at the clock. I had exactly one hour to complete the painting! How in the world was I going to paint this piece in one hour? I could do it in two hours, but in one hour I would have to pull off a small miracle! I set panic aside & painted like a wild woman at top speed but also with great care knowing this had better be great painting to raise lots of money! I forgot about the clock & tuned myself into the creative & I swear time must have stood still. The hour was up & all I can remember is people cheering & hollering that the painting had sold at auction for $24,000! Hallelujah! I could hardly believe it! I felt a rush of adrenaline run through me & was happy to know my painting could do something like that. I was able to find my rhythm only because I have been painting for years. I didn’t wake up yesterday & decide to make a painting in one hour. But I think muscle memory & eye/hand memory all kicked into high gear & set me up to achieve what felt a bit like the impossible.


Acrylics on canvas

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