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A friend of mine here in Dubai told me last year him & his wife didn’t have any kids but to pray for them because they’d been trying for some time. I said I would be as we talked more about the hardships of conceiving & how long it took for Neil & I to have Quinn. We tried for 6 years & then finally gave up, got a dog & moved to the country. 10 days after we moved into a major fixer upper 1500 square foot home on 3 acres of land that needed tons of tender loving care, we found out I was pregnant! We were thrilled but also a little freaked out. We had no idea what was coming! But we toiled away for 9 months, knocking out walls, pulling up floors, tearing off siding etc. That house took us 5 years to renovate. I had no kitchen for an entire year with a newborn baby. We were sleep deprived, overworked & exhausted all the time but so happy. I asked my friend about his family & how things were going when I saw him the other day & he lit up & smiled & said, ‘Soon!’ I said, ‘What? You’re expecting?’ He said, ‘Yes!! In May!!’ Oh I was so happy to hear his news! I’m going to call this painting “Have Faith.”

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist