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Jewel mountain

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I met her at the at the Fairmont Hotel while I was painting. She told me I was a real gem for painting for everybody. Later on we talked some more & she asked if she could show me her paintings. I was amazed at her talent. She said she is 79 years old & she’s going to enroll in the music program at Grant MacEwan University & wants to get her art in a gallery. I told her how talented she was & I was amazed at how many really beautiful paintings she had in her portfolio. Her use of colour & loose, playful brush strokes & markings were so interesting & pleasing to look at. She said she wanted to try & get her art into the Bugera Matheson Gallery. She told me about her travels & all the places she’s lived. She was born in San Francisco & I’ve been there twice so we had even more to talk about. Her name is Ingrid & she was such a jewel💎 

Acrylics on canvas 

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