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Kaleidoscope flight F241818-1209

Kaleidoscope flight

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Did you know a grouping of butterflies is called a “kaleidoscope”? I learned that after I painted this piece with the kaleidoscope of colour on the bottom half of the painting. This was a very spontaneous piece and I did’t even know that I would add butterflies until the painting was half done. My Mom gave me a kaleidoscope to look through when I was a kid. I remember looking through it and dreaming of the future. That is a vivid happy childhood memory. Some of my paintings are vivid imagery from my childhood and I see the symbolism appear after it’s been painted. My Mom and aunt came out to watch me paint this one at the Hotel. They went outside for a short walk and when they came back a dragonfly had landed on my Mom’s chair and stayed there for quite a long time. Sometimes I feel the Universe is trying to speak to us & remind us we are not alone & we are being watched over.

Acrylics on canvas

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