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Magically whisked away F242416-876

Magically whisked away

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My heart was heavy today after I delivered a painting to a lady who had just lost a very close loved one. She said when she saw a painting I had recently posted, “It just ties right into the fabric of my heart right now” & that “the painting belonged here.” Her daughters answered the door. Both in pajamas, home from school.  I hug the oldest one. Try to give a few words of comfort. I hug the younger one and she wraps both arms around me. I say something to try & ease the pain, but I don’t know what to say. 
So many times a painting finds a new home because of loss & this tears me up. I know I paint for a deeper reason than matching the colours of the furniture. I know art has purpose. I know I have purpose. Art has meaning. I have meaning. We were created to affect the world. We have the power to affect one person at a time. Take these words & realize the power that lies within you to connect to someone. ❤️ #arthaspurpose #ihavepurpose

Acrylics on canvas

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