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Mountains of beauty

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I was live painting for a bridal shower. The bridal party thought the perfect gift would be to all pitch in & have me paint something while they watched & then surprise the bride with the painting at the end of the evening. Once I was finished, they ordered a bottle of champagne, toasted the bride-to-be & told her the painting was hers. They asked me if there was intentional significance in the number of flowers. I hadn't counted them while I was painting. They said, "Giselle! We counted 12 flowers...and there is 12 of us here tonight!" Now that was a happy accident! Symbolism can show up all the time in paintings & I just love the story behind each one. Whenever that bride looks at her painting, she will be reminded of that special night & how her friends poured out their love & appreciation on her during this new season of her life.

Acrylics on canvas

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