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Mountains of dreams

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When we are intentional about the things we want to accomplish in life, it is amazing to see those dreams come to fruition. I believe in the power of our words and when we begin to speak out the things we want to do, over time, if we are patient for the right things to come to us at the right time, we will see our dreams come true. I had wanted to travel with my art and did not know where to begin to start doing that. But once I started saying out loud that one day I would travel with my art and meet people from all over the world, I began meeting people who would help to see that happen. They believed in my art and my passion for what I was doing, possibly even more than I did at the time. One person after another led me to live painting at the Fairmont Hotel in Canada, to the Raffles Hotel in Dubai, to painting for amazing events for the Canadian Embassy in the UAE and the Special Olympics, painting on TV and at many other events where there were thousands of people in attendance. I look back at my journal and see the things I had written down that I wanted to do, and I have done almost all of them! I can't wait to see what more dreams I can fulfill. 

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist

This painting is currently on display at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai
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