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Oceanic Moods F407214-461

Oceanic Moods

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I love to play with movement & colour as I dance and paint in the studio. It’s a very freeing experience. I hope you can feel the energy in my work. Art is all about how it makes you feel. Practicing with movement and painting in the studio, has enabled me to do so while painting in the public. There have been venues that were the right setting to essentially dance and paint at the same time. But doing it in public feels natural after having done so in the privacy of my studio for so long. There is a movement of downward right strokes that come out in a lot of my pieces. Perhaps it is because I am right handed, and my body naturally leans more to the right as I am laying down my layers of paint. I like how the signature in this pieces looks like it is the central place where the colour is flowing from. When you find your style of work after years of painting, you see symbolism in the paintings, later down the road that you didn’t know were there before. 

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist


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