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The beautiful story

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I spent the weekend with a long time friend who has some of the most resiliency I’ve ever seen in anyone. Battling a disease, yet living the fullest life. I admire her zest for life & passion to truly live the heck out of each day. She volunteers a gazillion hours a week in her community, a special cancer care center, at her son’s school and countless other things. I watched her snowboard, roll around in the snow in her bathing suit & jump into a hot tub, go skating with her son, stay up late with me & then go back to her room to once again shave her head from the effects of the chemo. I love you dear @julierohryeg You are a rare & special soul I am so proud to call you my very dear friend. Your life tells such a beautiful story. ❤️

Acrylics on canvas

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