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The believer

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I painted this one during my residency in Dubai. I was surrounded by little children. I finished my painting & still had some time so I decided to engage the children who had become my friends during the last few hours. “Ask your Mom if it’s ok if I paint some flowers on your nails. Would you like me to paint flowers on your nails?”
Little girl’s eyes light up, *gasp* “YES!” Asks her Mom & runs back over to me with 4 more little girls & they all stick out their fingers at me. Oh boy. “Ok! What colour would you like?” Little girl: “Lellow please. And some purple too.”
Her little nails were so tiny I could hardly even see them never mind paint a flower on them. 
Little girl: “Are you a real artist?”
Me: “Yeah, I am.”
Little girl: Big smile. “I am going to be a artist just like you when I grow up.”
Me: “I hope so because being an artist is the best thing ever.”
Next Little girl: “Can I have all the colours?”
Me: “Of course you can!”
Next little girl: “Will it stay on?”
Me: “Yes it will! Don’t get it on your clothes because it won’t wash out.”
Little girl: “You’re a really good artist. How did you paint that?”
Me: “Well, I just thought about it in my head. Then I believed I could paint it. And then...I painted it.”
Little girl: “Wowwww.”

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist

This painting is currently on display at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai
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