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The joyful F366018-1175

The joyful

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I painted this piece during my second residency in Dubai in February 2018. I journeled everyday I was there & this is what wrote this down after I painted this one: I’ve been affected by the people of Dubai. When you are meeting so many people everyday, all day long, you can’t help but notice the joy that so many people here seem to have. In a crowded public place, if you make eye contact, people smile at you. Everyone addresses you as “Miss”. I’ve made so many friends. Each painting I make cannot help but be influenced by the people I meet & the conversations I have. I feel like their encouraging words are fuel for me to keep going. ‘Why don’t you stay longer?’, they say. ‘When are you coming back’, they ask. Today I told a couple, “I love Dubai.” And the lady said, “Dubai loves Giselle.”

Acrylics on canvas

Painting and all art images © Giselle Denis Fine Artist