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The light that surrounds us

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There was a  couple staying at the Mac for 35 days while their house was being built in Beaumont. They looked out the window and saw me painting and said, “Hey! Wait a minute! Isn't that the same girl who has her art at that law firm? They loved the piece I was painting and kept saying how great it would look in their new place. We talked awhile I showed them pictures of my son Quinn and told her how funny he was with all the funny things he says. She told me a funny story about when she was at a wedding and in the rehearsal 'The Rose' by Bette Midler came on, and she burst out with, "I fucking hate this song!" I laughed so hard, but she said she's Dutch and Dutch people tell it like it is. It was hilarious listening to a sweet grade one teacher say the ‘F’ word. They hated the song so much because they were talked into being part of a play, and the play ended with the cast all staring into a rose. It was so corny and the worst thing! After we talked awhile, they went back to their room, but not long later Jeffry came back to chat with me. 
Him: "Did you sell your painting?” 
Me: "Not yet…"
Him: "Would you like to?” 
Me: "Yes, I would love to!” 
Him: "Sold!" with a big smile. “You know, we went up to our room, and we thought, we just love this painting and the colours and perfect and if we wait it might not be available. So we would like to get it!”  
I made some lovely new friends that day. A few months later they invited my family to their halloween party. This couple is one of many lights that surround me.

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