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The movers and the shakers F306018-1190

The movers and the shakers

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We all know someone who is a mover and shaker. They make stuff happen and I like those kinds of people. I met him at the Woman’s Show while live painting. He’s the producer of Vignettes & 4 years ago he asked me to be a part of his design show. He said the moment he saw my paintings he wanted to walk through one of them, so this year he came up with the idea of creating a 3D painting. When he asked me to make this with him, I said, ‘Leigh, I have no idea how to do that!” He said, “I know exactly how I’m going to build it. Your job is to paint your beautiful painting inside of it.” There are 5 painted walls inside the 3D painting. The first wall took me 14 hours to paint. I painted one wall at a time & a week later it was complete. I am privileged to know & work with this creative friend of mine & am looking forward to our next project! 

Acrylics on canvas

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