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Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I live paint Thursday nights 4-8pm If you plan on coming to out to watch me paint, please send me an email, art@giselledenis.com to ensure I am there that day. Ongoing exhibition of my art in the lower level of the hotel. 

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Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Book by appointment.
Call/text: 780-953-5478
email: art@giselledenis.com


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Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Live Painting - Jun 14 to Aug 30

Painting live on location:

Thursdays , 5pm - 8pm.

If you plan to come out and watch me paint, please send me an email, art@giselledenis.com  to ensure I am there that day.

I love to create a painting live for the hotel guests. The pieces I paint live on location are for sale. Guests may purchase the piece I paint, and have also requested to see it in their home before they decide to buy. I do my best to accommodate each individual buyer.

I have an ongoing collection of art displayed at the Hotel on the lower level.

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Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Live Painting

Annual Whyte Avenue Artwalk - Jul 6 to Jul 8

I will be showcasing my art at the Annual Whyte Avenue Artwalk. I have been showing my work at this show for more than 20 years! My location will be in McIntyre Park. I will also have a number of large paintings showcased at the Hotel Metterra on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton during the Artwalk. Pieces in the windows and inside the lobby. 

Annual Whyte Avenue Artwalk